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내부이형제 인발성형

Internal Mold Release


원사 싸이징제

Fiber/Yarn Sizing Agent


Polyacrylic Acid

수분산성 폴리우레탄

Polyurethane Adhesive


4급 포스핀염 아민염 Phosphine and Amine Quaternary

탈취 악취제어

Mal-odor Control


Fiber/Yarn Sizing Agents



유리섬유 싸이징/코팅제


Sizet, glass yarn sizing agents, are water dispersible vinylic polymer and/or their proprietry mixtures having excellent film properties.  They can be used for industrial glass fiber or yarns for efficient weaving.


Sizet GF-200   is a specially modified vinylic sizng agent for glass fiber/yarns. Proprietary solution for glass fiber / glass Yarn sizing. It is one kind of vinylic emulsion/solution which endows glass fiber with good strand integrity, cutting property, heat resistance and heat stability. Application for sizing solution of glass yarn, PP, PET provides good weaving performance.


Solid Content(%) 20.0±1.0

PH ValueL:6.0~7.0

Tg ValueL(℃):30



Sizet GF-201V   is vinyl acetate modified sizng agent for glass yarns.



폴리에스터/나일론 싸이징제


Sizet, textile sizing agents, are water soluble acrylic polymer and/or their proprietry mixtures having excellent film properties.  They can be used for polyester, cotton, rayon, cellulose and also their polyester blends under varying sizing conditions in all type of weaving machines.

Sizet UF   is a special acrylic sizng agent for polyester yarns for air jet and rapier.

Sizet TF   is a modified acrylic sizng agent for polyester yarns.

Sizet CR   is an acrylic sizng agent for cotton, rayon, and acetate yarns.

Sizet X   is an acrylic sizng agent for nylon yarns.


Sizing Auxiliaries


Sizet XL, a size finish lubricant, is a proprietary blend of mineral oil, synthetic ester and anionic surfactants.  They can be used for polyester and nylon sizing.

Sizet XL   is a textile size finishing lubricant for synthetic yarns.

Sizet Wax T-1   is a textile size finishing wax and softener.

Sizet DF110   is a effective defoamer for high speed textile sizing process.



 실크원사 정련제 제직준비

Alphasol, a one bath scouring agent for raw silk, is a mixture of sulfated vegetable oil and other lubricants having properties to remove sericin effectively under mild conditions and to give relavent flexibility, lubricity and antistatic property to raw silk yarn for twisting and weaving.  Especially, Alphasol S-100  is the best choice of one bath scouring agents for raw silk.