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내부이형제 인발성형

Internal Mold Release




Polyacrylic Acid

수분산성 폴리우레탄

Polyurethane Adhesive


4급 포스핀염 아민염 Phosphine and Amine Quaternary

탈취 악취제어

Mal-odor Control


Polyurethane Adhesives



Xprim- coating, adhesive primer


  Xprim AQ is water reducible polyurethane especially designed for the adhesion promoter coatings of plastic film such as PET, nylon and PP, and also is applicable to many kinds of coating and adhesive applications because of the excellent adhesion to versatile substances eg. metal, woods and etc..

The Xprim AQ series is as below.


               Xprim AQ-0300

               Xprim AQ-0700



Xprim AQ Series    

Technical Information