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 Alphasol S-100

Alphasol S-100 is a proprietary complex mixture of neutralized fatty oil sulfates,

lubricants and etc.  It is possible without boiling to scour and soften the raw silk in

a bath at once for twisting, weaving and etc.  This product does not have any

harm effect on the silk's own luster and touches.



* Alphasol has a peculiar property that is a scouring, degumming and lubricating

in a bath at once resulting in endowment of softness and plainness to raw silk. It

exceptionally reduces the yarn rupture and cutting in the reeling and weaving.

* Alphasol is easily absorbed into raw silk because of its' excellent emulsion stability

and permeability to the sericine, silk protein.  And thus the treated yarns have

good dry tenacity and elongation for the reeling and weaving.

* It is possible that even degumming can be achieved with Alphasol to produce

the silk fabrics having good dyeing quality.  It is also shown to increase the

scouring power in fabric scouring and dyeing process.

* Alphasol's own special characteristics do not change in spite of long storage

and its’ brown color does not cause any problem on dyeing process.