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Internal Mold Release



Xlub Internal Mold Releases for Pultrusion, BMC, SMC

Lower Pulling Force

Faster Wetting Fiber, Filler & Mold Surface  

    Higher Line Speed

   Provide Perfectly Defect Free Profiles

Xlub, internal mold releases, are properitary polymeric mixtures having excellent lubricity and the lowest mal-effect on the profiles. They can be used for pultruding unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, polyurethane, phenolic and etc and are all specialized for a specific type of resin and/or system.

Xlub internal mold releases contain no silicones, no metallic stearates and no waxes and do not have any hazardous materials.


Xlub, Internal Mold Release Selection Guide  based on Pultrusion RESIN 

Polyester /

Vinyl Ester / DAP



Polyurethane /

ester modified

Acrylic Modified  / Modar

Xlub S-125

Xlub E-180

Xlub P-175

Xlub T-195

Xlub S-128

Xlub S-130Z

Xlub E-186


Xlub T-198

Xlub S-130Z

Xlub S-28N




Xlub 810UN

Xlub 290C





Xlub 810UN





Recommended Starting Dose(% in total resin weight)

1% polyester resin or DAP    1.5% vinyl ester resins

2% epoxy resin

1.5% phenolic resin

2% polyurethane or hybrid resin

1.5% modified acrylic resin



Xlub, Internal Mold Releases based on SMC RESIN

Polyester /

Vinyl Ester / DAP




Acrylic Modified/ Modar

Xlub 060





Xlub 065















Xlub, Internal Mold Releases based on BMC/DMC RESIN

Polyester /

Vinyl Ester / DAP




Acrylic Modified/ Modar

Xlub 051





Xlub 054
















Some of the above listings are available only for laboratory scale testing.


Coupling Agent   

Ximer CW-1 is proprietary mixture which contains the compound having vinyl group with a second ionic functional group.