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 The scope of business also comprise the textile chemicals.  Sizet series, textile sizing chemicals, are the acrylic sizing agents, softener, lubricant and defoamer being very effective for textile sizing process.  J series, spin finishing/spinning oils, have well balanced fiber/fiber and fiber/metal friction coefficient for synthetic yarn spining process.  Alphasol, a one bath scouring agent for raw silk, provides relavent flexibility, lubricity to silk yarn.   Sizet X Type polyacrylate is a range of products of water soluble acrylic acid homo polymer and/or methacrylic acid homo polymer.   


 SOFC has  produced the plastic molding chemicals.  Xlub, internal lubricants, are the most effective in pultrusion, SMC amd BMC process.  Xfil, low profile additives, provides excellent shrinkage control, surface smoothness and gloss for SMC, BMC and pultrusion process and Alkenox is generally used for curing of unsaturated polyester resin in the pultrusion process.


 Xprim is water reducible polyurethane adhesive specially designed for the adhesion promoters of plastic film such as PET, nylon and PP.